meet the team

Pastor Young and Hannah Kim

Lead Pastors

We have been married 25 years and have been in the ministry just as long since we got married. God has blessed us with 5 beautiful and powerful children who are key members at Freedom 61 in serving the church body, our community and our calling. Our desire is to cultivate God’s presence, build Kingdom family and seeing people live in freedom. After many years of serving other leaders and ministries, God has called us to begin our own church and start a new journey with him in the DMV area. We are so honored and thankful to return to our roots and to give back to the very place where both Hannah and I have encountered God in a life transforming way. Malachi 4:6 states that “God’s desire is to return the hearts of the parents back to their children and the hearts of the children back to the parents.” This is our mandate and our prayer for the DMV area.


Elena Kim

Worship Leader

I am proud to be called the worship leader at Freedom 61 church and the daughter of Pastor Young & Hannah Kim. Being the worship leader has given me the opportunity to grow my inner world because to be a true worshiper, it is a priority to constantly lead from an overflow with my own friendship with the Holy Spirit. It’s a partnership and not a one man show. Although I whole heartedly believe in creative excellence, my real hope in leading worship every day with my team would not just be about the music or the selected songs, but that it would become a place of safety and freedom to encounter the Fathers love. We want our worship to be an open door to guide the people’s heart and to see the divine beauty of our King, Father, and Friend.

“Worship is simply giving God his breath back”. – Lou Giglio

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