As a church, we have a heart for missions and missionaries that are serving to spread the Gospel worldwide. We are in contact with the following missionaries by supporting them through our prayers and financial givings. 


Tae Ho Yoon & Jung Hyun Kim

Mr. Yoon graduated in Korea with a degree in Electrical Engineering and worked at various companies in that field. His wife, Ms. Kim, graduated from Seoul Cyber Seminary and taught math for 22 years at various institutions in Korea. In 1995 and 1997, both served as Sunday school teachers and Ms. Kim as a Youth Pastor at Light of Love Church. In 2012, they traveled to Kona, Hawaii for YWAM and did completed the APAC DTS. Six years later, in 2018, they were sent out to Peru as missionaries from the Light of Love Church in South Korea. They have three children, Ye-Dam, Joo-Dam and Yoo-Dam.

They are currently based in Peru, South America and serving at Johann Presbyterian Church.

Youth Ministry: They are serving about 100 youth kids, equipping and training teachers, mattress distribution to youth kids homes, providing eye care and glasses to kids, after school program to kids, and food distributions to church families in need.

Electric Repair Ministry: Repairing electricity in people’s homes while sharing the Gospel and bringing light to people. Their church was helping them fund the cost of the materials, but the Dam family provided all the equipment and paid helpers. Their dream is to be able to run this ministry without the help of the church, but solely use personal funds.

Women’s Ministry: Many women are singles moms and even the married women are in dysfunctional marriages. In 2019, they hosted a seminar called, “Mother Wise” and hope to continue to minister to the women in Peru.


John & Kristen Goh

John and Kristen Goh are Korean-American Christian missionaries who served with University of the Nations/ YWAM in Kona, Hawaii for 19 years pioneering and training young people from South Korea, USA, and China in discipleship and missions. Then on September 2016, with the burden from the Lord, they went to South Korea to reach the young people. Consequently, in April 2017, they started Go Seoul Missional Church in Gangnam Seoul for the millennials. Their goal is to train them to know and love God well, to live their lives in holiness and obedience to the Lord in all of life. They want to see Korea changed and reunified. They fully expect revival to come to Korea and globally. With this goal and hope, they teach, preach, pray, train, counsel and encourage their growing number of 30 people every week. 

They are currently based in Seoul, South Korea with their church, Go Seoul Missional.

John Kristen Goh


For over 17 years, Lana and the Life Impact International team have been relentlessly working to make a difference in the lives of trafficked, exploited and at-risk children in Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), and the war-zones in between. The strategy is simple: Prevent, Rescue, and Heal. Prevent the atrocities of exploitation in all its forms, from trafficking, abuse and abandonment, to slavery and prostitution, rescue as many children as possible and ultimately bring healing to their hearts bodies, and minds. Life Impact International has grown from the desire of Lana’s heart to reach and rescue others with the power and love of Jesus Christ, to an international organization effectively fighting child exploitation throughout Southeast Asia and Brazil. Their heart’s goal would be that it only continue to spread throughout the world. 

They are currently based in Thailand and Myanmar with another outreach base in Brazil. To find more information, click here to visit their website


Kang Sung-Min

In the early 1980’s to 90’s, Kang Sung-Min was a star in football (soccer). His talent lead to participating in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, sponsorship from Dunhill going to Paris for two years and holding shows with Paris Saint Germain-FC Games. His life would completely change when he traveled to Thailand in 1993 for a one-time exhibition event with a professional Korean Football club. As his faith deepened, he returned in 1995 and has since created over 100 teams, 370 volunteer coaches/helpers, and 3200 students! Mr. Kang hopes in the future to build a large football center in the city Korat for all children to gain easier access and provide them with football training.  

Check out their YouTube channel to learn more about their organization. 

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