2020 | communal gatherings 


Women of Wonder Gatherings 

Started with Pastor Hannah’s desire and dream to see women in the church empowered together in community, growing deeper with our Father God! 

Bi-Weekly Thursday Gatherings– if you’re interested talk to P.Hannah for more details. 

Youth Group 

Youth group from 6th-12th grade are meeting via Zoom every Tuesday from 7pm-8:45pm. 

Please contact Michael or Katie for more details. 

Singles/ Young Adults Life Groups

Singles/Young Adults (College) are meeting via Zoom every Wednesday from 7pm-9pm. 

Please contact Michael, Nicole or Ellen for more details. 

Married Couples 

Married Couples / Adults are meeting via Zoom on Wednesdays + Fridays (time dependent on location). 

Please contact P. Young + Hannah for more details. 

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