2021 | communal gatherings 


Women of Wonder Gatherings 

Started with Pastor Hannah’s desire and dream to see women in the church empowered together in community and growing deeper with our Father God! 

Monthly Thursday Gatherings via Zoom– if you’re interested please talk to P. Hannah for more details. 

Youth Group 

Youth group from 6th-12th grade are meeting via Zoom every other Monday.

Please contact Katie or Tracy for more details. 

Singles/ Young Adults Life Group

Singles/Young Adults (College) are meeting via Zoom every Wednesday from 7:30pm-9pm. 

Please contact Nicole or Ellen for more details. 

Married Couples Life Groups

Married Couples / Adults are meeting via Zoom on Wednesdays + Fridays (time dependent on location). 

Please contact P. Young + Hannah for more details. 

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